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Course Descriptions



SOLO Wilderness First Responder 72-80 Hours    SOLO's WFR course is the standard for those who work in the backcountry as trip leaders, mountan guides, river guides, camp counselors and ski patrollers. This 9 day course is challenging and comprehensive and provides a thorough grounding in wilderness medicine practice guidelines.

SOLO Wilderness EMT 5 Day Module   SOLO’s WEMT Module is a 5-day program that upgrades current street First Responders to the WFR level, and current EMTs/paramedics to the Wilderness EMT level. It focuses on emergency care when separated from definitive care by distance, time, or circumstance.  Participants will take a written and practical wilderness exam. This course typically counts as 40 hours of continuing education for National Registry EMTs.

Mountain Travel & Rescue 1 & 2 and Outdoor Rescue Tech Level 1 These 2-4 day courses are based on the National Ski Patrol Mountan Travel & Rescue Program.  When delivered to NSP members we adhere the NSP curiculum guidelines.  For non-NSP members MTR 1 (2 days) can be combined with WFA and result in a WFA course completion card from SOLO a cert card from AdkWildMed as an Outdoor Rescue Tech Level1.  Total course length is 4 days with WFA.





SOLO Wilderness First Aid (WFA) / WFR Recertification - 16 hours, 2 days

Accidents happen.  People get hurt, sick, or lost.  The temperature drops, the wind picks up and it starts to rain.  Would you know what to do?  Many backcountry emergencies are preventable, and even when bad thigns happen, the wrong care can make things worse.  By learning a few basic skills, you can make the difference between a good outcome and a bad one - maybe even save a life! WFA is our most popular course and sets a solid foundation of the basics of remote medical care.  This course can also be used to recertify current SOLO WFR's or current WFR's from many other national wilderness medicine providers.  To register as a WFR Recert please select WFR Recert (with or without CPR/AED) on the Registration tab.  Contact us to check if your curent WFR qualifies for recertification through SOLO and AWM.  


Basic Disaster Medical Response -  16 hours, 2 days

2 days /16 hours  When natural or manmade disasters occur and the response infrastructure is impaired, traditional patient care techniques may not be adequate.  This course is for currently certified EMT's & paramedics and covers specific patient care techniques with new approaches and using improvised equipment.  Learn how to provide long term patient care in austere environments.

This course is eligible for up to 14 hours of CME. 

If you would like to bring this course locally to your EMS or Fire agency please call us at 518-378-5623 or email chayward@adkwildmed.com for scheduling options.