What some of our former students say...

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 Here are some comments from past and returning students...

" This WFA course was well beyond my expectations.  Scenarios were fantastic and really helped me learn." JL, New Jersey

" The instructor for my class was really knowledgeable and made the class a lot of fun.  Thanks for a great experience!" PM, Albany NY 

" I've taken several WFR recertifications but I learned more in this one than any before.  Thanks."  ZH, Potsdam NY

" The instructor made me feel very comfortable, especially took time to help with skills."  RK, India

"Thank you for a great WFR course.  Excellent!"  MN, Venice Italy

" Clark runs a great program. I've been alpine guiding for over 15 years and this is the best recert I've done." TC, Seattle, Wa.

" This is my 3rd class at Adirondack Wilderness Medicine and I highly recommend them. Great fun, professionalism, all around great learning experience."  MR, Pa.